Sexual Health Training Courses

Essential training – attendance on this course is a prerequisite for the Advanced courses.

Title Course Type Duration Lead Facilitator Times Venue Dates
Introduction to Sexual Health

Increase your knowledge, confidence and skills around sexual health. Fun and interactive, this course is our 'Essential' training and is a prerequisite for all of our 'Advanced' courses. Topics include: healthy/unhealthy relationships; contraception; pressure to have sex; sex and the law; STIs; puberty changes; ‘coming out’; and developing a holistic approach to promoting sexual health with any client group. This course (together with the C-Card Induction Training) will enable a worker to then deliver C-Card with young people in community settings. It is a very good place to start and is a prerequisite for all of the Advanced courses offered through Newcastle Sexual Health Training.

Essential 2 days Mark Ellerby-Hedley 9:30-4:30 New Croft Centre Dates tbc

Advanced and Standalone courses

Advanced courses build on the knowledge, skills development and exploration of values of the Introduction to Sexual Health course, which is a prerequisite for all Advanced courses. Standalone courses have no prerequisites and can be completed at any time.
Title Course Type Duration Lead Facilitator Times Venue Dates
C-Card Induction Training

Develop the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to operate within Newcastle’s very successful C-Card Scheme. Also suitable as a skills refresher and update.

Advanced 1 day Mark Ellerby-Hedley 9:30-4:30 New Croft Centre Dates tbc
Learning Disability and Sexual Health

This course will develop participants’ knowledge and confidence to support adults and young people with learning disabilities around their relationships, sexuality and sexual health.

Stand-alone 1 day Amanda Holmes 9:30-4:30 New Croft Centre Dates tbc
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual (LGB) Health and Wellbeing training

This free course is of interest to Newcastle-based workers who either do, or may work with LGB people (whether LGB people are out within services or not) and is for workers from any sector.

Stand-alone 3 hours Janet Owen 1.00-4.00pm Civic Centre Dates tbc
Pregnancy Decision-Making

Increase your knowledge of pregnancy pathways including adoption and abortion, enabling you to have open and non-judgemental discussions with those facing decisions around their pregnancy and support them to make informed choices.

Advanced 1 day Helen Hindhaugh 9:30-4:30 New Croft Centre or online Dates tbc
Sex Work, Survival Sex and Sexual Exploitation

This course is relevant to staff and volunteers from voluntary, statutory and independent agencies within Tyne and Wear whose work may bring them into contact with men and women aged 16+ who may be involved in sex work, survival sex and/or subject to sexual exploitation. Develop your knowledge and understanding of the nature and extent of sex work, survival sex and adult sexual exploitation across Tyne and Wear, and of good practice guidelines working with people involved in sex work and those vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Stand-alone 1 day Debra Cowey 9:30-4:00 St Margaret's Church, Scotswood Dates tbc

Increase your understanding of the routes of STI transmission, increase your knowledge of STI symptoms, explore the stigma faced by people living with HIV and gain an understanding of how HIV affects the immune system.

Advanced 1 day Mark Ellerby-Hedley 9:30-4:30 New Croft Centre Dates tbc