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Your Electoral Ward is: PARKLANDS. - Download a PDF map of this ward

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Bin collections

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Ward priorities

Ward Priorities

Parklands Ward Priorities

Parking, road safety and traffic issues associated with the shops at Brunton Park and
Grange, the schools, and events at the various sports facilities, have an impact on
Residents and give rise to a number of concerns, some of which are “good neighbour”

• The older estates on the ward have an aging population, but social provisions for them are limited. There has been growth in the numbers of children in the area, and rising standards at local schools, which put pressure on school places in some years, causing considerable concern to parents.

• Highway schemes along the Great North Road which are altering the balance between cars, buses, bicycles and pedestrians have a significant impact on Parklands Residents as this is the most important route through the ward connecting them to shopping, schools and health facilities.

• There are concerns about housing, and other developments endorsed by the One Core Strategy in and near the ward and their impacts on traffic and school places and impacts on trees, wildlife and the quality of the local environment.

• Residents have repeatedly expressed concerns about their involvement in consultation processes and there is a need to ensure residents are informed and genuinely consulted (either in person or online) about issues affecting the ward before decisions are taken, improving the quality and effectiveness of information provision to them and linking them to what is happening in our communities
• The quality of the local environmental services provision by the City Council including issues such as grass cutting, planting and litter. Residents are concerned about the appearance of the area, both as residents and because the Great North Road is an important gateway to the city

Ward Committee Meetings

Ward Committee Meetings

Ward committee meetings for PARKLANDS

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