Consent, pleasure and healthy relationships

This 2-day course will offer participants a chance to explore the subject of consent with the context of intimate relationships in an enjoyable and challenging way through innovative group work methods.

By the end of the course, participants will have:

• explored their understanding of consent and what it means to get and give consent
• explored the gendered double standard and challenged stereotypes based on gendered expectations of sex
• learned positive and active communication techniques that go beyond expecting partners to ‘say no’
• explored and challenged myths relating to rape and sexual assault and victim blaming
• learned the importance of prioritising talking about pleasure
• learned how to model a consent culture
• explored what makes a healthy and an unhealthy relationship
• learned about the law as it relates to sharing sexual imagery, sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape
• developed skills in promoting healthy relationships with young people and adults
• explore the meaning of consent in the context of relationships and sex education.

Advanced or Stand-alone: 
Lead Facilitator: 
Harriet Yudkin
2 days
Free to Newcastle workers in public and VCS orgs. £200 to those outside Newcastle & private sector.
To apply: 

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New Croft Centre