Roadworks in Newcastle

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Road Start Date Expected Completion Date Type of works
Westgate Road (between Northcote Street and Prospect Place) 16/05/16 05/06/16 Road Closures
Jubilee Road and Lansdowne Place (Prohibition of Left-hand Turn) 16/05/16 19/12/16 Road Closures
Cowhill Bridge on Grandstand Road, A189 29/04/16 29/04/16 Lane Restrictions
Newcastle Pride – Various city centre roads 16/07/2016 16/07/2016 Road Closures
Great North Road (Northbound) - between juncts North Brunton Interchange and A1 roundabout 05/06/16 05/06/16 Road Closures
Throckley Interchange to West Denton Interchange 14/05/16 15/05/16 Lane Restrictions
Nuns Lane 11/04/2016 08/05/2016 Road Closures
Great North Road access roads 23/05/16 27/05/16 Road Closures
Heath Court 24/04/16 28/04/16 Road Closures
Nelson Street 18/04/16 01/05/16 Road Closures