That'll be the Day! 1950s Newcastle

Edited by Anna Flowers and Vanessa Histon

The 1950s: a decade that started with post-war austerity and rationing and ended with teenagers and rock ’n’ roll. Newcastle United won the FA Cup no less than three times, car ownership more than doubled and jobs were easy to get. Television was causing a sensation and the opening of Newcastle airport gave the region unprecedented access to the wider world. Truly we'd never had it so good. That'll be the Day floats you back to 1950s Newcastle, to the Queen's Coronation visit, Bill Haley's groundbreaking gig at the Odeon, jiving, jazz clubs, flouncy petticoats, tin baths in the kitchen, teddy boys, tough times and good times. More than 70 people who lived, worked and studied in the city have contributed their memories to this nostalgic portrait of an exuberant decade. From stockings to skiffle and roller skates to rag week, the book paints a vivid picture of a time when everybody smoked and ladies never wore trousers to work. A lot has changed over the last fifty years and That'll be the Day contains a vast array of evocative photographs that show a city that is both familiar and very different from the way it is today. Contributors to That'll be the Day include Johnny Handle, who traces his musical roots and John Steel, who remembers the beginnings of a career that would lead to the formation of The Animals. “Eric [Burdon] couldn’t really play the trombone”, he recalls. That'll be the Day is a prequel to the bestselling books It’s My Life: 1960s Newcastle and All Right Now! 1970s Newcastle. Anna Flowers of Tyne Bridge Publishing said: “After the runaway success of our books on Newcastle in the 60s and 70s, we just had to turn the clock back to the 50s. In 2012 we celebrated the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the 1950s have really grabbed peoples’ interest. That'll be the Day is a perfect souvenir of that decade.” Out now!

No of pages Hardback/softback: 
276 pages, including 12 pages in full colour, softback