It's My Life! 1960s Newcastle

Edited by Anna Flowers and Vanessa Histon

'They say that if you remember the 1960s you weren't really there … but many people who lived, worked and played in Newcastle during the 1960s have vivid memories of that exciting decade. Newcastle experienced huge changes as old landmarks were swept away and new ones rose in their place. Especially for the young, post-war austerity was replaced by a new energy and freedom, not always appreciated by the older generation. Everything seemed possible and everything was changing - the fashions, the music, the way we lived our lives. From the Club A 'Gogo to the high-rise flats, Newcastle was a city on the move. With contributions from John Steel of the Animals, Lindisfarne's Ray Laidlaw and many more, this book shares all kinds of memories and images from that elecrtifying era. 'The most interesting and informative local book I've read in years!' (Marshall D. Hall)

No of pages Hardback/softback: 
204 pages, softback