An Innocent Eye: Jimmy Forsyth Tyneside Photographer

Anthony Flowers

Jimmy would have been 100 in 2013, it's 70 years since he first arrived on Tyneside, so 2013 seems the right time for a new book of his evocative photographs to be published. Jimmy Forsyth (1913-2009) will always be associated on Tyneside with the west end of Newcastle, and particularly with Scotswood Road. His remarkable photographs from the 1950s and 1960s were first exhibited in January 1979, under the title Scotswood Road with a Box Camera. Newcastle’s Side Gallery recognised in Jimmy’s photographs a unique record of vanishing working-class culture and determined to bring his work to a wider public. The result was the very successful Scotswood Road book and exhibition in 1986. Jimmy became an overnight sensation, receiving in March 1987 the Halina Award for an outstanding body of work. Throughout the 1990s and into the present century he continued to take photographs of his favourite subjects until his death. An Innocent Eye describes Jimmy’s life, considers how he is to be remembered, and includes a selection of his finest photographs. The book also makes available, for the first time, an autobiographical fragment written by Jimmy in 1989. Available now.

No of pages Hardback/softback: 
128 pages paperback, illustrated throughout