All Right Now! 1970s Newcastle

Edited by Anna Flowers and Vanessa Histon

Do you remember Newcastle in the 1970s – the decade of tanktops and glamrock, punks, perms and powercuts? For some it was the decade that taste forgot. For others it was epitomised in the grimy, gangster-run city of Get Carter. But for most of us the 70s were the glory days of Supermac, Lindisfarne, Sting, the Mayfair, Kard Bar and the Man in the Moon. As a golden city centre emerged from beneath 150 years of soot, new motorways cut canyons through the city, the biggest shopping mall in Britain opened, and demolition and rebuilding were everywhere. All Right Now! 1970s Newcastle remembers the fashions, the music, the shops, the strikes and even the dirty politics of a city that was reinventing itself. Crammed with photographs and the memories of over 100 people, famous and not famous, who lived, worked and played in the city 1970-1979, this book is guaranteed to make you feel young again. All Right Now is introduced by retired journalist and broadcaster Dick Godfrey, founder of Bedrock. Available NOW.

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